Monthly Fixed Rates

Take control of your logistics with monthly fixed rates

Freight shipping costs fluctuate throughout the year, but our monthly fixed rates are market-relevant, and we are the first logistics provider to give you the ability to view and lock-in ocean freight rates up to 30 days in advance.
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Quick and easy process

Get monthly fixed rates in 3 easy steps – Search, Select and Confirm. It is this that easy to start booking.

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No fluctuating prices

The cost you see is the cost you pay – which means you’re protected from fluctuating prices.

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Stay in control

With monthly fixed rates, you’ll get better visibility to plan your bookings more efficiently.

Monthly fixed rates

Freight shipping costs: plan with efficiency and ease

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How much does freight shipping cost?

Freight shipping prices are based on a number of factors, like the origin and destination, the cargo you have and the date you intend to ship. With our monthly fixed rates, we give you more control over this process by letting you book quotes in advance, to help avoid peak seasons, sudden disruptions and meet the demands of your customers.

Monthly shipping costs

Monthly fixed rates on the Twill platform

Twill is the only logistics platform where you see monthly fixed rates for yourself as you book and can use them straight away. There’s no need to request a quote or provide loads of information – it’s simple and guarantees that you don’t get any surprise costs down the line. Just search your route, select monthly fixed rates and see your options before confirming.

What you need to consider while booking

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Calendar month

Our monthly fixed rates cover a calendar month. For example, 1st July – 31st July. If you select a fixed rate on the 8th July it is valid until the 31st July.
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Commit before the 15th

Lock in this month’s fixed rate by the 15th of the month and you won’t pay more, so you can always get the best price for your business and can manage your supply chain effectively.
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Fixed rate expiry

After selecting a monthly fixed rate for your booking, you will not be able to go back and select a daily price until the expiry of the fixed rate.
Online logistics payments

Add Value Protect or Customs House Brokerage

Fixed rates only include inland transportation – with the ability to add Value Protect and Customs Services.
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